Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 131

Babywearing Walk on the Stanley Park Sea Wall
Our little Adeline is still on Edmonton time, therefore she was up at 5:30 Vancouver time. So after some breakfast all four of us went out to Stanley Park for a walk. Adeline is very much enjoying her time here in Vancouver and was content to sit in the baby carrier and found great pleasure in taking in the ride and sights. Here is Adeline after about 20 minutes of walking:

Thanks to Uncle Timmy for giving up his hat to help keep Adeline's head warm and dry.

Today was a cold and very wet day, it rained for basically the whole day. Uncle Timmy, Daddy and Mommy were all soaked when we got back to the apartment...but because she was in the carrier under Mommy's vest for two Adeline was cozy warm and dry.

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