Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 59

Our Lonely Little Petunia
Kris got this pot along with a bag of soil as a birthday present this year and it has been sitting in our living room ever since...just waiting for me to put Adeline inside and take her picture. I thought this was going to have to be one of those quick and dirty photos...the ones that I have to take as quick as possible before my subject gets annoyed at what I am subjecting her to. This just was not the case today; it seemed like she actually enjoyed sitting inside the pot (contrary to what you may see in the above picture). She was just so darn excited it was hard to get a good shot. Case and point...she kept bouncing up and down on her bum and grabbing the sides with joy, it was tooooo cute, but like I said made it really hard to take the photo. I have a feeling we are going to revisit the pot on a much warmer day ;)

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