Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 37

Messy Baby
Adeline is becoming a more and more involved eater, but more often than not she has continued to be a pretty clean eater, except today as you can see she was an exceptionally messy as she ate. She was quite enjoying her blueberry oatmeal this morning as you may see in the picture. She LOVES eating solid foods...she always wants to help Mommy get the food into her mouth. Today if she was not the one in control of the spoon then she had her hands up at her mouth shoveling any food that happened to squish out back into her mouth. Thanks Adeline!

More on Adeline's eating habits: She likes cinnamon and dill and she LOVES garlic!!! I have just started spicing thing up in the food department and from her reactions thus far I think Adeline really appreciated it. We don't eat bland food so I thought why should I force our daughter to...So I tell the husband, who is trained as a Chef, that I am going to add some garlic powder to Adeline's green bean, carrot and potato dinner and what does he say, "are you sure that is ok?" It just makes me laugh because he is all about the spices and seasonings when he cooks I thought for sure he would be gung-ho to get her going on some fun new tastes. I think that was just some of Daddy's protectiveness shining through ;)

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