Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16

Teething Trials
I love my little Adeline to death, but sometimes I just wish she was a little less sensitive. Right now she is teething and everyone knows it. When I say everyone, I mean everyone! The lady down the street just "popped over" today to welcome us to the neighbourhood. We have been living here over a fracken year already! What I think really happened is she was wondering by and heard our screeching child and wanted to know what kind of pain we were inflicting on her. Well at least she stopped by rather than calling child services on us 8). So back to the help, Adeline sucks on the sleeve of her shirt ALLLLLLL's kind of gross, but also kind of cute (see cute picture above).

Oh ya something else...She sat!!! Long enough for me to realize that she was going to be sitting for a while, grab my phone, open the camera and actually take the it was a little while. She still topples over at the drop of a hat and proceded to face plant right onto the bed, the carpet, the kitchen floor, the couch or whatever else she happens to be sitting on. I am hoping she quickly learns to use her hands to help her out, or we are going to have a sad baby on our hands every night and you may even be seeing some pics of our cutie with a rug burned face.

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