Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 281

The Farm
We went to the Prairie Gardens Adventure Farm again today!  It was awesome! They had their pumpkin festival going on this weekend and there were pumpkins everywhere.

Here are some highlights of the day:
  • Adeline kissing (licking) the bunny
  • Adeline walking over to the goat to pet its tail
  • Picking some great pumpkins and gourdes 
  • Adeline's giggles of joy when the goats tried to lick her hands
  • Adeline signing bath as she watched the ducks swim in the pond
  • When the pumpkin cannon scared the poop right out of Mommy & Daddy, but it didn't phase Adeline at all
We will definitely be making some trips to the Praire Gardens Adventure Farm again in the future.  

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