Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 93

Helping Mommy With the Dishes
And boy was she ever a good helper...she let me get all the dishes done and didn't squawk once!  I love this girl!

She Rolled!
But do you think I got to see it...NOPE! I left her on the floor, on her back, went to brush my teeth and when I got back there she was playing on her tummy.  And then later on in the afternoon she was playing on her back and wanted sooo badly to roll on her tummy (see above picture), but didn't and after much frustration just gave up, found another toy and continued on her merry way.  As you can see in the above picture she was alllmost over to her tummy and then just gave it...I'm gonna have to leave her alone more often, she obviously doesn't like to perform for me ;)

Please take a look at this picture of Adeline and in the comments below write a caption for it.
I'm super excited to see what people have to say!

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