Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 56

Swimming Fun
Adeline and I went to the rec centre with some of our mommy and baby friends today. We did some intense, but very fun strollercise and then we did a little swimming. Strollercise is where mama works out, following the leaders instructions while pushing baby in their stroller. Adeline quite enjoyed being pushed around the gym, she spent the entire time clapping her feet together as we circled around and around. After Mommy's work out, it was time for Adeline's. So we went to the pool. Adeline is always hesitant upon entering the pool, taking about 20 minutes before she is truly comfortable being in the open waters. But after that happens she kicks up a storm and splashes everyone with her flapping hands. Today we were introduced to the "Lazy River" a figure eight of enough current to push us through the water...thankfully the water is only a few feet deep ;)
Oh ya, Jack was wearing his new swimsuit today, a speedo, and Adeline likes it.

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