Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6

Jack & Adeline

Jack is Adeline's best friend. I'm not just saying that just because Jack's mom and I have become good friends...they really and truly like each other. When they are together they like to smile and talk to each other. Sometimes they eat together. When we are at home and we talk about Jack, Adeline's legs go crazy...she loves to go to the mall with Jack or see a movie with him; they just like to do things doesn't hurt that I like to do things with Jack's mom too ;)

Today we went to the mall for a hangout with Jack and his mom (Bethany). It had been a while since we had seen them because they were in Europe, but Jack surely remembered Adeline and could not keep his hands off her! And after a while Adeline was acting as if Jack had never been gone. We really like hanging out with them and missed them greatly when they were gone. Needless to say we are happy they are home!

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