Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 21

Silly Bunny
Bunny was the first gift Adeline ever was from her Uncle Timmy and Auntie Taylor. On the first day we could have visitors in the hospital Timmy and Taylor came to give baby A some lovin' and brought with them Bunny. Well, last night I pulled Bunny off the shelf in her room where she was being adored each and every day and decided to put her to work. She promptly went through the wash and then became Adeline's new best friend. All day today Adeline would talk to Bunny, sing to bunny, chew bunny's ears and look into bunny's face with love...I think it's because it reminds her of her Uncle and Auntie ;)
Oh ya, and she is also wearing some new duds, courtesy of Gramma and our shopping trip yesterday...and Mommy did the dressing this time, therefore no wardrobe mishaps.

Another thing...Adeline could not get
enough of her tongue today.
(see above series)

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